Music Ministry

The following has been compiled from various sources, and teachings of CFC and its family ministries:

The Music Ministry

It’s easier to begin by identifying what the music ministry is ‘NOT’.

It is not just an opportunity to develop one’s talents and skills. It is not playing music for the sake of pleasure and personal fulfilment. It is not a spiritual opportunity for glamour, prestige or popularity. It is not something “I have to do” because of my gifts and talents.

The Music Ministry is not self or personal need centered. It is not gift or talent centered. It is not even music centered. IT IS GOD CENTERED. If it is to be true worship, then it must be acceptable, pleasing and glorifying to God.

The Music Ministry is a SERVICE, to God, to the community and to others. We acknowledge God is worthy to be praised, worshipped and adored.

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands! Serve the lord with gladness!

Come into his presence with singing!” (Ps 100:1-2) We worship God in music because God is most worthy to be praised. (Ps 92: 1-4; 95:1-2; 149:1-3; 150).

We worship Him whether we fell like it or not, as great and as good as He. In fact, the word, “worship” is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship—to give, at its simplest, worth to something.


Worship is the central point of our gatherings. It is supposed to be inspired and should build up the body. Worship should be nourishing and spirit-filled.

It is about being able to say “You are God and I am not, and that is great!”. Worship is being able to come into that loving, healing and mighty presence of God and being able to acknowledge that HE ALONE IS GOD – loving, healing and mighty!

At the same time, we are blessed by the healing grace of His presence and by the mere fact that this same GOD holds us as special and in spite of our sin and imperfection sees us as the gem of His creation.

Worship is paying “homage” to our true king and captain.  In the same way that  subjects in ancient times had to regular visit their ruler and pay “tribute” or “homage” or “tax” (in more modern terms) we come a pay homage admitting that everything we have is His.  At the same time, we are grateful that HE gives all of these – our bodies, our minds, our money, our property – for us to freely use, and that he never punishes us as we deserve whenever we misuse these things which are rightfully HIS.

Worship is one of the very few times when we are able to have a taste of how it was and a foretaste of how it will be.  It’s the time when we in our “fallen – sinful – human natures” are able to connect to God in spirit the way it was meant to be before our sin made it impossible for us to continually be in God’s presence (as Adam and Eve were).  It allows us a foretaste of the kind of relationship we will have with God when we are made perfect in heaven.

There are three levels that we usually go through when we really worship:

  • The first is when we start speaking words of PRAISE – or what we might be liken to as “introductions” in any audience. This is where we honor God and acknowledge His greatness.
  • The second is WORSHIP – this is when we start saying how we feel and when we begin to truly realize God’s greatness. In this level, people start to “offer” themselves to God saying “I belong to you…my life is yours”.
  • The third is GLORY – this is when we actually come into the holy presence of God.  It is at this level that God speaks, we listen then we respond. This is where we receive prophecies, visions, where we cry at the realization of God’s love and mercy, where emotional and “physical‟ healing takes place.

Every worship, whether it is alone in your own prayer time, a household meeting, a teaching, assembly or “Praisefest” should reach this third level.  Any worship leader who does not have this as their goal for worship misses the whole point, and may have not actually led people to worship.

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