Album Review – “Liveloud: In Gloria Dei” by Ablaze Music

Because we’re here in New Zealand, I can only really rely on videos and photos from friends back home whenever Liveloud decides to hold a concert. So you can only imagine my initial state of shock when I was browsing through my Google Play Music and saw that Ablaze Music had released a new album, Liveloud: In Gloria Dei. I own both Liveloud 2013 and Liveloud: One in the Lord on CD, bought them when I was back in Manila. I was expecting to have to wait to go back to Manila before getting my hands on this, but thank you Google Play Music! I can stream it for free! On to the review!

The Album follows the latest Liveloud 2016 event, which I wish I got to attend, and has 8 tracks, which are as follows:

  1. Shout
  2. Take Me
  3. No One Like You
  4. With You
  5. Forever Be With You
  6. You Have Chosen Me
  7. You Alone
  8. King (Remix)


Tracks 1 and 3, Shout, and No One Like You, were tracks that I had been waiting for. Shout, I first heard during the SFC Oceania ReCon 2015, and No One Like You, during ICON 2016. Both of which, I really liked, and was so happy that I now had a clean recording of to play along to. This is especially important for those of us who are usually serving in Music Ministry. The other tracks which I’m still trying to get to know are Take Me, and You Alone. Both sound great! But, as with all new worship songs to learn, there’s that little lag in familiarity, but I could see them being used a lot! Seeing as it’s only been a few days since I’ve been listening to this, nothing has jumped out yet in the same way that Reaching did on Liveloud: One in the Lord.

Having said that, overall, the quality of what’s on the CD is pretty good. The one that did take me by surprise was the King Remix. Odd choice to be put onto a CD when compared to the previous 2, but a fun little edition. Though part of me does wish that another new song had been included in its place. I’m a bit bias toward a song one of the members in my Unit Household wrote, but aren’t all household leaders bias to their members? Another pleasant surprise was the inclusion of With You, which took me straight back to my YFC days. I hadn’t heard the song for such a long time, yet there I was singing along straight away with no trouble at all.

Overall, good album to add to the collection. When I’m next in Manila, I will definitely be picking up a physical copy so I’m not streaming anymore (legally streaming though, Google Play Music). YFC, SFC, and CFC, I’d definitely recommend this.

Ablaze Music can be found on Google Play by clicking here and Liveloud: In Gloria Dei can also be found on iTunes here

God bless!!