Reflections: God is Enough

NOTE: Had a phone malfunction so some of my text got deleted. Here is what I was able to reconstruct after the edit 🙂

Hello all! Just wanted to share something Father gave me at Confession this morning. This is a poem by St Teresa de Avila called Nada te Turbe:

Let nothing frighten you (Nada te turbe)

Let nothing disturb you (Nada te espante)

All things are passing (Todo se pasa)

God cannot be moved (Dios no se muda)

Patient endurance attains all things (La paciencia todo lo alcanza)

He who has God lacks nothing (Quien a Dios tiene nada le falta)

God is enough (Solo Dios basta)

As I sat there speaking with Father, he reminded me that as we journey towards God, we will always encounter challenges because those who oppose God journey in the opposite direction. So we will always come head to head with those who choose to oppose God, and the forces of Satan himself. Trials, temptations, they all mean that the enemies of the Lord are hard at work.

Every now and then we will hit the tipping point where will feel like we are completely out of control. Where all seems lost and we feel like we’re falling down. But that’s when we need to be reminded that we are never in control, God is in control. The challenge Father gave me was this, whenever I feel myself on the edge of falling down, remember the prayer St Teresa prayed.

“May nothing disturb you, may nothing astonish you. Everything passes. God does not go away. Patience can attain anything. He who has God within does not lack anything. God is everything”

God bless!!


One Response to Reflections: God is Enough

  1. Mara Feraren says:

    🙂 you can write pala kuya carl. This is nice.

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