Movie Review: “Captain America: Civil War” – NO SPOILERS

Before the review begins, let me just put this out there – as much as I enjoyed Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and it has been said that Tobey Maguire was the better Peter Parker, while Andrew Garfield captured Spider-Man’s wittiness and sarcasm, after both of those attempts at Spider-Man, this was the time I felt like I was seeing a Spidey that had honestly just stepped out of the comic book and came to life.

Captain America: Civil War, the latest in a long line of movies from Marvel Studios, for me is probably a very close second to my favorite MCU Movie, which is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Russo Brothers have done it again. It was such a wild ride, and honestly right in the feels. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but think, this was a better Avengers movie that Age of Ultron was. And while at times, I did feel like they were spending too much time with the other characters, at the end of the day, it really was a Captain America movie.

Without giving too much away, the way in which you see friends become enemies really does hit you deep down inside. These are people who have stood by each other, fought by each other’s sides and defended the world together, but are now torn down the middle due to the Sokovia Accords. I, like many people were firmly Team Captain America going in, but what was great was that you couldn’t help but sympathize with Team Iron Man as well. Both sides made sense, and that’s what made it great.

A few other minor bits and pieces to hopefully entice you to watch:

Captain America and Iron Man – I think what was great was the fact that they showed that, while they did respect each other, both showed that they weren’t willing to back down from their points of view. When watched in context of the other MCU movies leading up to this, both of their positions make sense. With Cap, from The First Avenger to The Winter Solider, he’s grown a bit less trusting of the established governments and would rather fight for what is right just for the sake of doing the right thing, and not have to give up that independent decision to make those choices. While Iron Man, from Iron Man 1-3 and Age of Ultron, seeing his every attempt to make the world safer backfire and cause more damage, culminating in the creation of Ultron, it makes sense that he wants a check put in place that is overseeing him, and that he would prefer that all heroes and enhanced individuals be held accountable for their actions. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing where they go with their characters after this movie.

The relationship between Falcon and Bucky is hilarious. There was unexpected banter between the two which made for good laughs. Also they both seemed, in my opinion, slightly jealous of the other. Falcon being Steve’s best friend in modern times, Bucky being Steve’s childhood friend and his last connection to the 40s. The rest of Team Cap is great, and in all honesty, Scarlet Witch, Wanda, her power set is amazing! But definitely for Team Cap, Ant Man definitely steals the show. I won’t say why, but it’s amazing. Within Team Iron Man, the constant bromance between Stark and Rhodes will definitely also get you right in the feels. Most have seen trailers already, but I won’t spoil the conclusion of those scenes. Vision, great development from Age of Ultron, still learning things like social interaction. But as with Team Cap, Team Iron Man has a bug based star, Spider-Man really steals every scene he’s in, and he is absolutely hilarious when he does so. Minor spoiler for Spider-Man – NO ORIGIN STORY!! Wooohoo!!  Black Panther comes in second place for awesomeness in Team Iron Man. He has his own character arch throughout the movie, which is actually one of the best story lines in the film.

Overall, Captain America: Civil War is a great addition to the MCU. Much like The Winter Solider, it completely changes the face of the MCU. Overall, it’s a 9/10 for me. Would definitely watch again!



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