Training Post: Whole30 – Day 8


Not quite training, but related anyway. 6 days ago, I began the Whole30 program. It’s now Day 6.

I probably should have done a mini post at Day 1, but as usual, life gets in the way and things get busy. Anyway, here I am now at Day 6. Things I’ve noticed so far – the food isn’t as boring as I thought it was going to be. And I’m probably doubling the original vegetable intake I had previously.

I’m not sure what effect it’s having on weight just yet, because part of the program is that you don’t weigh yourself during the 30 days. Which makes it a bit weird in terms of, I have no idea how I’m doing. What I have noticed though is a few smarter choices in food, but the biggest challenge so far has been NO RICE!! Now as a Filipino man, I have to wonder….why am I depriving myself of something that makes up 90% of our cuisine? That’s been the hardest part, but everything else seems fine.

Good things I have noticed, energy levels seem to be up and I’m less reliant on my coffee (now with Almond milk instead of plain milk). I feel a bit more positive and happier, which may or may not be a side effect of food. I’m also way more conscious of what I’m eating. Ohh and I have saved a lot of money by making my own lunch rather than eating out all the time (and usually grabbing sushi, or something sandwich like).

Fun fact though – The Whole30 program requires you to stay away from grains as well, which includes bread. There I am at Mass on Sunday, after having received Communion, and a friend of mine leans over and said “I thought you weren’t allowed bread…isn’t that breaking the diet?”. Lol I’m pretty sure we don’t need to be that strict 😛

Anyway, updates as they come. If there is progress, I’ll probably post it on Instagram.

For anyone interested in the Whole30 program, check out the Whole 30 website by clicking here or entering into your browser.

Happy training everyone!


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