Covers, covers, covers

Before I continue, side note: I’m actually not sure how this whole blogging thing works. How often am I supposed to be posting here?  Anyway, in an attempt to make things more interesting, I thought I’d post a few links to our covers/practice sessions over the last couple of years. I was tempted to do one for each, but figured that would be overkill, so below is a selection (pretty much all) of the videos 🙂 Enjoy!!

The first is Hallelujah: 
This was a personal favorite of mine thanks to the added harmonies from Mr Joshua Roxas.

Next, For You Almighty:
This one, I absolutely fell in love with the lyrics!


Another where the lyrics blew me away. Especially the line “if I break..”

And finally, a solo cover (please minimize the laughing haha 😛 ) of Oh I Love You:

Only the second time I ever posted a solo cover. I’m quite shy when it comes to my voice and how I sound. Super self conscious.

Any way, there you have it. Why am I posting these? One reason I did post them on YouTube over the years was because each of these songs spoke to me in some way. It could just be a single line, “They say your love is stronger”, or “Stir my heart when I lose my purpose”. And because of that, I thought I’d give them another chance to live on through the blog.

I promise, the next one will be a bit more reflective, but for now, enjoy the music, keep singing, keep praying and God bless you all!




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